find lost phone using google

Is there a way to track missing HP? Perhaps the question is in your mind when you find the fact that your PHONE is lost. Or you're scared if your PHONE gets lost and confused how to find it.

Well, the good news, you need not be confused anymore when your PHONE is lost. There are certain ways to track your lost PHONE so that you can find it easier. How? See the explanation below.

How to track a lost HP all Android brand

How to track a lost HP on Android for all brands is to use services from Google and third-party applications. Here is the full explanation.
1. Using Gmail and Google Maps accounts

The first way you can try is to visit the Android Device Manager site in the You can also use the Tautaun

To open both services, you can open them on your laptop or tablet. After you visit the site, you will be asked to sign in using the Gmail account associated with your lost PHONE.

If it is already logged in, it will appear the position information of your lost PHONE as shown in the following figure.

With this service, you can unmute your phone by selecting the "Play Sound" feature. The goal is to let you . Who knows your HP hidden under the mattress for example. If it is sounded, you can come to the source of sound.

You can also choose to lock your PHONE by selecting the "Secure Device" option. The goal, if anyone finds your phone, the person can not open anything. In addition, there is also the option to remove all content that you have, namely "wipe device" or in the English setting "Erase".

Oh Well, if the GPS or "location" in your PHONE is not turned on, it will not appear your HP location notification, however, you can delete or reset your PHONE by selecting the "Erase Device" option.

By selecting the "Erase Device" option, your PHONE can go back to factory settings. Usually the factory setting of a phone, GPS is always on. Well, when it is back to the factory setting position and your HP GPS is on, you can immediately search for the position of your phone.
2. Using Find My Device application

In addition to using the first way, you can also use the MISSING HP tracker app called Google Find my Device or in English "Google Find My Device". If in case your HP is lost, you can ask your friend who has Android HP to install the Find My Device app. For use of this application, follow the following guidelines.

download Google Find My Device here.

Google Find My Device

  1. After you download the Find My Device app, you'll then open the app.
  2. Please log in using the Gmail account that is connected to your lost PHONE.
  3. Once logged in, you can find your mobile device.
There are three Find My Device features that you can use. You can choose "Play sound" to unmute your phone. There is also a "secure Device" feature. This feature allows you to send a message to HP and write down the MOBILE number to be contacted if anyone finds your missing HP.

Google Find My Device

The third feature is the "Erase Device" feature. This feature allows you to delete all your lost HP data. It's just that you can't find your HP if you delete the data permanently. The purpose of deletion certainly let your data not be abused by the person who found your HP.
3. Using third-party applications

Another way to track missing HP is to use a third-party application. You can use apps downloaded from Google PlayStore. Examples are the following two applications.

Family Locator is a lost HP Android tracking app. This application allows you to check the existence of your lost family HP by using GPS feature. If your mobile phone is missing, you can ask your family to track your lost PHONE by using Family Locator.