Current Developments and Problems of European Criminal Law. The Principle of Mutual Recognition in Times of Crisis – The New Jurisprudence on the European Arrest Warrant as an Example

Helmut Satzger


Summary: 1. Introduction. – 2. Mutual Recognition in an “area of freedom, security and justice”. – 2.1. The Single Judicial Space. – 2.2. Mutual recognition and its background. – 2.3. Mutual trust as the necessary basis for the mechanism of mutual recognition – and the repercussions of the EU crisis? – 3. European Arrest Warrant as a litmus test for the concept of mutual recognition in times of crisis. – 3.1. Mutual recognition as realised by the EAW. – 3.2. Recent Jurisprudence on mutual recognition and potential exceptions. – 4. Outlook.

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