2020: Diritto ed esercito. Profili dell'epoca tardoantica

Atti del Convegno
a cura di Salvatore Puliatti


2016: L'economia delle passioni. Etica, diritto e mercato finanziario tra antico e moderno

Atti del Convegno di Urbino, 13 giugno 2016
a cura di Marina Frunzio

[The Economy of the Passions. Ethics, law and financial market between ancient and new times].
On June 13th this year the conference 'The Economy of the Passions. Ethics, law and financial market between ancient and modern times' was held in Urbino (Department of Law). It concluded the 2016 “Francesco De Martino Lectures”, an annual initiative which is aimed at investigating the relationship between legal and economic institutions in antiquity and is curated by Giuseppe Giliberti and Marina Frunzio. The papers presented by the scholars have been published in Cultura giuridica e diritto vivente in a logical chronological order ranging from antiquity to modern times.

Keywords :
Economy, Behavioral economics, financial market, history of law, history of economics

DOI: 10.14276/2384-8901/106


2015: QUO VADIS EUROPA? Stabilità e crescita nell'ordinamento europeo

A cura di Antonio Cantaro

[Quo vadis Europa? Stability and growth in the European legal system]. Financial stability and growth have become, since the “sovereign debt crisis”, the cornerstone of every speech on the present and future of Europe. But what are the causes of the irresistible rise of these two values in the economic constitution of the Union and of the Member States? And what are, above all, the political, legal, social, institutional implications of the ascent of stability and growth to “Grundnorm” of the European legal system? The various essays in this issue of the journal provide, each from a specific point of view, answers to these crucial questions about the recent past and the destiny of the Old Continent.

Key Words:
Structural reforms, economic constitution, sovereign debt crisis, Fiscal compact, stability and growth pact

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