GUIDA PSICOSOCIALE PER OPERATORI Impegnati nell’accoglienza dei Minori Stranieri Non Accompagnati

Terre Des Hommes


[Guide to Psychosocial Intervention for unaccompanied foreign minors]. The phenomenon of the so-called ‘unaccompanied foreign minors’ has become an urgent problem which does not allow any further delay or any partial and ineffective responses. It cannot only be faced as the emotional reaction to emergency situations, but it requires civil society to ensure the basic rights of the weakest and most vulnerable individuals. Our country is reluctant to give systematic responses capable of providing effective protection. There is also need of an adequate legislative tool more in keeping with the European one. It is essential to understand the various needs and to ensure that the numerous needs be met with expertise and professionalism, taking into account the psychological situation of the children and youngsters who arrive full of hope and who, at the same time, experienced maltreatment, abuse, threats and who were (sometimes impotent) witnesses of their travel mates' deaths. In this sense, the Guide to Psychosocial Interventions is a valuable tool for many workers.


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